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Dec 07, 2014
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Our past and successful performance has been due to former past and present team members for they are talented
and skilful individuals who possess a true understanding and respect for our client’s specific needs and requirements.
Without these people, our company could not have developed into what we are today and we are forever grateful.
Ms Liu Xiao Dong 刘述东
Mr Zheng Jian Hai 郑建海
Ms Christine Köck
Mr Sun Xiu Yan 孙秀延
Mr Tang Fang 唐方
Ms Luan Xin 栾欣
Ms Qi Xing Hong 齐兴红
Mr Hu Jun 胡俊
Mr Qi Xiao Liang 齐孝良
Mr Niu Jun Feng 牛俊峰
Mr Cheng Xia Ming 陈夏明
Ms Wu Xiao Yun 吴晓云
Mr Felix Flesche
Ms Evie Guo 郭甜甜
Mr Cheng Long Sun 孙成龙
Mr Kai Wang 王凯
Mr Tian Fu Yu 于天赋
Ms Mei Ying Wang 王美英
Ms Chen Xue Mei 陈雪梅
Mr Dong Shao You 董少游
Ms Yi Hua Wu 武益华
Ms Xie Xiao Xiao 解潇潇
Mr Jonas Lerch
Ms Jiang Fei Fei 姜飞飞
Ms Chen Lu 陈露
Ms Ainur Orazbayeva
Ms Melissa Meyer
Mr Zhang 张峥
Ms Aurora Zhao 赵琪
Arnd Christian Müller
lives and works since 2000 in Beijing. He is a German trained cabinet maker,
studied interior design in southern Germany and has a complete work experience since 1997 in his field.
Prior to his move to China he was teaching interior design in Germany.
Arnd‘s experience includes furniture design, exhibition and event planning
as well as large interior design projects for international and local Chinese companies and private clients.
Since 2004 residential projects including architecture, interior design
and landscaping design work are added to his scope of works.